The Musings of Jeff Doucette

FIRST DRAFT IS DONE FIRST DRAFT IS DONE....YAY!!! I am really excited about my first book which I am in the process of writing.  My tentative title is called "Ring Around the Collar: My Journey from Priesthood to Married Life". 


This book is designed to share my journey from priesthood to married life.  It is not a chance to "get back" at anyone.  It is not a juicy gossip novel.  It is rather my story and a chance to share with the reader a unique journey of love.  It also will deal with my struggle to live the gospel within the Catholic church as a priest.  This book is meant to engage people in matters of the heart as Jesus did.  You can not let someone tell you how to live your faith....well you can, but that is a cop out. We are all responsible for our faith journey. 

I try in my book to bring stories to life and allow the images and words touch the imagination of all.  I am enjoying the chance to work through my journey thus far.  As Robin Williams said in "Hook"..."To live, now that would be an adventure!"

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